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FLV Hosting is a leading provider of Flash Streaming Hosting, software and flash FLV video delivery systems. Our team of Flash experts and server administrators combine to give you high quality service at a low price. No other company takes care of their client as fast and effectively as FLV Hosting.

Our customer retention is above 90% – those who choose FLV Hosting stay with us.

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Q: Why should I buy from LV Hosting?

A: FLV Hosting provides low cost, high service, along with tools and widgets to enable easy integration of your video content Q: How it will benefit me? A: Save time and money and increase your business

Q: What it will do

A: FLV Hosting is a one stop shop for Streaming Hosting, Players, Encoders, everything you need to broadcast content.

Q: What it will accomplish

A: In no time flat your video playback or live streaming can be set up for your use. Simple to use tools such as the FLV Hosting Code Generator players and turnkey Live Streaming modules give you the tools you need to succeed.

Q: How does it work?

A: Adobe Flash Player is a marvelous system allowing an embeded code place in a web page to connect to small and large videos for instant playback at an excellent quality viewing. Server streaming (RTMP) works by connecting through the Flash Player directly to the server, not through the users temporary internet cache. This results in Hi Def and regular video playback instantly, and of course also live streaming connecting to a camera installed on your computer

Q: What are the creative things I can do?

A: The list of options are quite endless with Flash. With players such as Quicktime or Windows Media Player you get what the vendor supplies, thus limiting your options and forcing the user into downloading third party plugins With Flash, you dream it and it can be programmed with action script. Commercials. Live Broadcasts, eLearning, tutorials and how to, product overviews and sales messages.

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