Using FLV Players


Using video to build a business is the fastest growing portion of online video. Since the popularity of broadband companies and individuals can now stream video “commercials”
or even full length movies to promote products and services on websites anywhere.

The example video you see below is a 30 meg video for a network marketing program. Below that, is a 2hour movie about 300 megs. The 30 meg file can play fine in progressive mode, but for best performance you wouldnt use progressive for the 300 meg file.

Flash and Flash FLV is
simply the most versatile method of displaying video in websites. Use it as a
sales tool, product description, website helper, the list is endless, as it the
integration. Using the FLV Hosting team to build you application is the next
best decision you can make. We have worked on the best sites, have the most
experience at the lowest cost.



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These Flash Communications Server powered FLV Players below is suggested for use
when wanting to protect the video file being served. Progressive FLV videos
are cached on the users computer in their temporary internet files, — as shown above. But this
Flash Streaming Server Player shown below connects directly with the Flash Server,
preventing caching and file copying.
Server Streaming


These Streaming FLV Players are designed for streaming with FLV video files only. It only requires the user to have only
Flash Version 6 (or higher) player installed.

The difference between a component and an .FLA file is the amount of control
you have over the features and design of your video player. A component
allows for reusable code to be easily modified from within flash, this is
a fast solution to implement video but, you cannot modify or add any additional
features or change basic design parts of the player.


Launch Streaming Player Demo 1


FLV Player 2 Flash Comm M Server Scenes Player

Launch Streaming Player Demo 2

Full Screen Option and 16 Screen Scene Jump Option

Controls for Flash Comm Server Player 2


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