Turnkey PHP MYSQL Database driven video delivery system

PHP Video Engine


Our Turnkey PHP MYSQL Database driven video delivery system allows for
simple video integration and updating. Install on your FLV Hosting account
and wrap the Iframe code around your website page. Plays a default clip
first before others, great for an advertisement or promotion, or

Simple admin area allows you to add descriptions and edit the clips after
upload. This application will save you hours of integration time and effort. COMES AS SHOWN EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN DEMO — If you want a solution like this with a different player buy the SOURCE CODE

We do not offer free support for this product, or help with modifications.

Click the image below to launch the demo

Click to Launch Video

This system uses php and mysql (linux) to drive the administration area for videos. Upload via FTP then log in to the admin in order to handle the videos
Very simple to use. Click below for a screenshot of the admin system 

Admin Area Instructions and Screenshots




Further information:


Linux Server

PHP4 or higher

MYSQL Database

Flash player 7 or higher

Quick install


To install, just follow these steps:

– Create a folder on your website (example; phpengine)

– Upload all files to the folder created.

– Change the permissions of (CHMOD) movies, images, and include folders so that
they are writable (777)

– Adjust the paths in config.php to match your server database:

Database name, username and password.

Import the MYSQL database (phpengine.sql)

and the path to your website public files and the folder the engine will work

( you may need help from your website administrator)

– There are 5 themes to choose from

clips.html, clips1.html, clips2.html, clips3.html, clips4.html

These files can be edited as you see fit.

You can also place Iframe code in any webpage an your clips will play

Open any of these files to see the playback.

To EDIT the files, go to


This password can be changed in the config.php file

For information on administration of files, consult the help.php file

There is an upload feature contained in the admin area. In the interest of
security, the file size is limited.

For files larger than 2megs, upload your FLV files to the MOVIES folder

Once uploaded, they will appear in the admin section with a red x on the right
side of the admin area. When you add them to the system, the rex x changes to a
green checkmark, and is visible in the player.

There is a default flv file that plays first before any other clip. It is called
ad.flv – do not delete this file. Replace it with the default flv file you want
to play first.

Be aware of the size of the thumbnails and the amount of text you add to each
movie. The tables containing the data will stretch. You can change this setting
in the files called “player.php”

but we advise using a uniform image size and text.

Addenda / Disclaimers


The idea of this application is to allow you to playback a small set of videos
on a website, or to give developers a “starting point” for a more advanced video
share system.

This applet is not, in an of itself, a file sharing system!
** Comes with the player AS SHOWN in the DEMO !!
This player CAN be replaced with an UNBRANDED version at ADDITIONAL cost

Please note that we do not support the distribution of copyrighted video
content, so you should not use this applet to distribute or display video
content that is not yours, and we take no responsibility for abuse of this
applet. we provide software, but we do not police the use of the software!



You may use and change this application in your own software projects without
restriction, but you should not re-distribute the app in a manner similar to how
it is

distributed on FLV Hosting.com. You must not re-sell or re-distribute the source
code in any form.

In other words, use it for your projects, but do not compete with us!

We do not offer free support for this product, or help with modifications.