PhPMotion Hosting

PROTECT YOUR VIDEOS FROM SHARING ! – Instant movie scrubbing too

Stop Look Read Save TimeIf you are looking for a “regular” hosting company, choose someone else.

But, if you want to use PHPMotion on FLV Hosting servers for Secure Flash RTMP and HI DEF H.264 Streaming ORDER NOW.


Because Flash Server streaming is better when wanting to protect videos from sharing, and instant playback and scrubbing ahead, especially on larger videos.

You install or we can install phpmotion for you for $49.

When you use RTMP Server Streaming, no caching or downloads are transferred to the web users computer, thus protecting your flv videos from being downloaded.

Flash Server Streaming does cost more, due to the licensing cost for the number of SIM CONNECTS to the streaming server. This is important to note, we are not competing against “regular” hosting, we offer true server streaming.
The prices below reflect the number of sim connects permitted along with the bandwidth allowances.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q; Why is your pricing higher than others I have seen?

A: We provide RTMP Flash Server Streaming. This means your flv videos stream directly from the server, with no caching or downloads. With that, is a cost for licensing for the number of SIM CONNECTS . We supply the largest storage and bw allocations for Server RTMP Streaming

Q: Why would I use RTMP Flash Streaming ?

A: To protect your videos from being downloaded into temporary internet files, and prevent sharing. On larger videos, there is also no wait when scrubbing through the video to different places. Instant playback. When RTMP is NOT used, then the user must wait until the video is cached before viewing. RTMP allows for instant playback.

Here is an example of streaming versus progressive

Try to move the slider bar to another point forwards in the video. It wont “go” to that point as the movie has to cache into the temp internet folder

Now to compare
Go here and move the slider anywhere you want. The file streams instantly !
This is Flash Server Streaming.

We also have a player modification you can use to enhance your video playback. CLean looking player as well as advertising support. Add an image and link and the advert will display for a length of time you decide.