Local FLV Players

Play FLV files on your PC with the FLV Hosting FLV Media Player

We have 2 FLV Players available for you to play FLV Media files on your PC computer.
Since there is no FLV player freely available in an operating system (Yet) FLV
Hosting is proud to offer 2 such players to you for use, free of charge, FLV
Player 1 and FLV Player 2.0. New features in Version 2 include a larger default
screen size, and automatic resize according to the file output encoded screen

The Free FLV Player by FLV Hosting Version 2 is the latest is a string of webmaster
tools to make life easy when adding video to websites. This player works in
tandem with the FLV Encoder, a file compressor for various file formats, to Flash

Desktop flv player



Below is the FLV Hosting FLV Player Version 1 – Default play
size 320 X 240


Free FLV Player by FLV Hosting

Get it from CNET Download.com! Flash
is now recognized as a fabulous format, using swf players to connect to
the flv file either by progressive download of streaming via Flash
Communications server or Flash Media Server. Large entities such as Google now
use FLV and FCS to power their video program


The Free FLV Player plays FLV files on your PC, and launches them directly
from your browser when finding them online

Below are the screenshots to show the installation of the Free FLV Player by
FLV Hosting

Free FLV Player Install

FLV Hosting Encoder

This standalone free Flash FLV Player & MP3 player allows you to browse
preview and check the properties of any FLV or MP3 file on your local (PC)
system. This is useful for viewing exported FLV files to check they play before
inserting into webpages or uploading to FLV hosting. If they play in this
player, they will play anywhere

This includes an installer and has no adware of any kind.