Using Youtube can hurt your business credibility

Youtube is great for cats falling off a counter, or a car sliding off the road, or a skateboarder eating dirt. But do you really want your business showcased alongside that?

Flash media hosting, flash media streaming servers

Flash Media Streaming is one of the latest and most advanced streaming technologies used online today. Most popular websites that involve on demand or live streaming use Flash Media Server Hosting technology. We offer reliable Flash Media Streaming plans at affordable prices and we use Flash Media Interactive Server on most of our servers.


Featured Client Hungry Man TV — DirecTV

HungryManTV uses FLV Hosting to provide video for DirecTV, Conan Obrien, and many more.

HMTV is your place for the very best in branded entertainment, provocative original series, outstanding commercial spots and pretty much everything in between. From the insanely irreverent to the darkly comedic, we aim to do one thing – entertain.

FLV Hosting is proud to have Hungry Man TV as a client, and looks forward to having YOUR videos delivered from the FLV Network. SIGN UP HERE

Video Hosting Prices  ( Cloud Media Servers Here ) – Largest Storage and BW Allocation of any competitors !

  •     5 gig Storage
  •     100 Sim Connects
  •     50 GB of Transfer
  •     $19.95 per Month
  •     RTMP Video


  •     10 gig Storage
  •     500 Sim Connects
  •     100 GB of Transfer
  •     $49.95 per month
  •     Flash Streaming


  •     50 gig Storage
  •     1000 Sim Connects
  •     500 GB of Transfer
  •     50% OFF !
  •     Flash Streaming


  •     100 gig Storage
  •     2500 Sim Connects
  •     3TB gig Transfer
  •     $199 per month
  •     Flash Streaming



Simple to use interface –  Control Panel is just a matter of  – Upload, Generate Code, Publish!
See how it works with this video overview