How to Stream an FLV Movie

Flash Live Video (FLV) is a great way to stream video. There are 2 ways to playback your  video file – Progressive Streaming and Flash Media Server side Streaming. FLV Hosting provides both services within your account. More information on Progressive Streaming and Flash Instant  Server Streaming

Progressive FLV Streaming Flash Communications Server FLV Streaming

The Flash Player browser plugin can play an FLV, and now html5 players must be either embedded in or linked to a SWF. That is, you can't just put the actual FLV on an HTML page. MP4 is also supported by flash players (see other links to FREE Players.  You can however reference the FLV file using action script and SWF (the player controls) which now opens up the door to brand your player, add colors and logos, skins, and links to further information.


Can't preview your file after uploading? We have been informed by clients of issues with exported files when using Flash

Since these are fairly new releases, we suggest using alternative methods to encode your FLV files, and try to export files to previous versions of players.