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Dear Valued Client

We are pleased to announce that we have recently overhauled our online video
management system.

As part of this launch, we are offering you the option to
upgrade your existing account to our new system. Here are some key features of
the new system that we think you will find very useful:

Screenshot of Login

* Statistics and Metrics: Our new system provides you with detailed statistics
about your media including total bandwidth used, popularity graphs, custom
statistical views and reports.

Stats Screenshot

* Tagging and searching: From now on, when you upload a video, you can add any
number of tags that will help you find, sort and categorize your video library.

* Ability to add multiple users: Your new account comes with the ability to add
additional content contributors. Multiple users can upload videos to your media

* Increased Security: Hidden paths to videos, rtmp, and other sensitive
information in source codes

* New Players: Updated players with custom choices on sizes, colors, interfaces.

* Live Streaming: Ability to enable/disable Live RTMP streaming (upcoming

* Direct video playback by URL in theatre mode

* Increased scalability via our upcoming Content Delivery Network (upcoming

* Ability to convert for mobile smart phones (upcoming feature)

Questions and Answers:

Q: What does the new system look like and how does it

A: This video should explain —

Q: Must I upgrade? I like how it is now.

A: No, simply ignore this email. Although we encourage you to upgrade, as many
times, natural software update cycles by Adobe Flash, and video encoding can
render previous versions inoperable after some years. Our upgrades will keep you
on an upward curve in this regard

Q: Sweet! How do I get this upgrade?

A: Please, go to
and issue a ticket with subject UPGRADE. We
will send you an email outlining the actual upgrade procedure and any changes
that you might have to make.

Q: Is there any cost to upgrade?

A: No. This upgrade is FREE of charge for all existing customers.

Q: This sounds great but I have a lot of videos already
uploaded. Will I have to upload everything again?

A: No. Upon choosing to upgrade your existing account, we will automatically
import your existing videos into the new system. All we ask is that you do not
upload any new content while this conversion process is occurring. Once your
videos are imported into your new account, we will remove the videos from your
old account in order to avoid doubling your storage utilization on our servers.

Q: How long will it take to upgrade my account to your new

A: Accounts are upgraded quickly, often within 1 hour. However, depending on how
many videos you already have, it may take up to 24 hours for very large video

Q: Can I use the old system and the new system at the same

A: No. The two VIDEO systems are completely independent and your account cannot
coexist in both of them. But, you can still use another player with the new RTMP

Q: Will there be any changes in the RTMP path of my
existing videos?

A: Yes. There will be a change in the RTMP path for all of your videos that get
imported into the new system. This is necessary component for our upcoming
Content Delivery Network which will provide greater stability and scalability.
Detailed instructions will be provided once your account is converted.

Q: That’s all good, but I use a custom flash player. Will
my videos still work?

A: Most of the players and options added in the new system should supply all you
need.. If you are already using a custom flash player, you can continue using
the existing setup. Of course, if you do upgrade, as outlined above, there will
be an RTMP change that you must make for all of your videos/players. If you
upgrade, we will work with you individually to help resolve any issues you may

Q: Will I be able to upload via FTP?

A: No. Uploads via FTP are not possible with the new system, but uploading will
in fact be more simple. At the moment, our system allows you to upload multiple
files in a single web page. We are actively developing a new uploading module
which will mimic FTP behavior.

Q: What about my other domains, files that you are hosting
for me? What about my mailboxes?

A: Any existing files, mailboxes and other materials that you may be hosting
will us will remain unchanged. The only thing that is changing is the way you
will manage your online videos.

FLV Hosting appreciates your business

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