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FLV is a “Flash Live Video” file. It is a format that is designed for web playback, offering high rates of compression. Several products convert video files to FLV format, including the FLV Hosting Encoder, or at www.flvencoder.com Sorenson Squeeze, and the On2 (Wildform Flix)

There are 2 popular methods to playback your FLV video file – Progressive Streaming and Flash Server side Streaming. FLV Hosting provides both services within your account.

More information on Progressive Streaming and Flash  Server Streaming

Progressive FLV Streaming
Used for smaller videos
Flash Media  Server FLV Streaming
Used for larger videos and content protection

FLV hosting uses RTMP MEDIA SERVER for large size (20 mins or more) video streaming and server side recording

The Flash Player browser plugin can play an FLV, but that FLV, must be either embedded in or linked to a SWF. That is, you can’t just put the actual FLV on an HTML page. You can however reference the FLV file using action script and SWF (the player controls) which now opens up the door to brand your player, add colors and logos, skins, and links to further information.

Flash Player, the embedded plugin that is in 98% of all internet browsers, and allows playback of Flash SWF files. It is a preferred method because there is no need for a 3rd party download such as Real Player WMP, or Quicktime.

Recent additions have now included playback of an FLV video file. This separates the SWF from the video so allowing faster playback.

Another important difference between progressive streaming and Server Side Media streaming is the Player (SWF) The Streaming Server  needs the addition of action scripting to communicate to the server properly. If you cannot construct your own RTMP Streaming player using Dreamweaver or Flash 8, you can use our players, available for purchase as a SWF file or complete editable FLA files.

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About FLV Flash Video
The Flash Video Format (FLV) is a new video format that takes the hassles out of preparing and presenting video for the Web.

Traditionally, to present video on the Web, one would have to 1.) prepare a single video a number of times in order to please a wide audience, and 2.) go to great lengths to explain how to play the video. With Flash Video, your video just plays, directly from your Web page.

With the Flash Video Format (FLV), your video reaches the widest audience possible, because everyone visiting your site can play it–without plug-ins, pop-up media players or complex explanations.

The Real Benefit of the Flash Video format
From a user’s point of view, you don’t have to force clients to use software they don’t like. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it when I am forced to use Real Player–hey, I prefer QuickTime. Then there are those who prefer Windows Media and can’t stand using QuickTime or Real Player. The reason for this issue is that none of the aforementioned video players has 100% market coverage… or can be customized for logos, branding, shape, or colors

This is where Flash has a huge advantage. The Flash plugin is pretty much “standard issue” on all systems, platforms and browsers–nearly 99% of Internet users already have the Flash plugin. The latest release of the Flash plugin offers some advanced video functionality, which FLV Hosting takes advantage of. Already, nearly 50% of Internet users have the latest plugin. Click here to see the market penetration of the different versions of the Flash plugin.

Therefore, when presenting video, you do not have to ask the client “which type of video do you want to use?”–you simply present the video… No questions asked. If their existing Flash plugin needs to be updated, no problem; updating the plugin is a seamless process that is not complicated, and takes about 3 minutes.

It is now being used on such websites as Yahoo! videos, Google video, YouTube, and Metacafe as the preferred method of video playback

About Streaming
FLV Hosting supplies both streaming and “progressive download” type players. Progressive means that the file actually downloads to the client’s machine, but only the expert computer users will know how to retrieve and re-format the video. However, the FLV video format will only play in specially constructed FLV players. So even if the client re-claims and re-formats the video, they will have a hard time re-playing the video. Streaming plays directly from the server, is never cached, and the players require a little more configuration, such as RTMP settings. Flash Studio and Dreamweaver can export either type of player, or you can purchase players form FLV Hosting.

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