FLV Hosting is a leading provider of FLV/Mp4 4k hosting, video delivery and FLV related software. Online since 1999, FLV Hosting streams for small to medium sized businesses and even Fortune 500 clients in 30 countries. We have also developed countless video solutions for our clients.

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Commercials. Live Broadcasts, eLearning, tutorials and how to, product overviews and sales messages. Use the players to direct viewers to other parts of your site, create playlists, add thumbnails, change colors on the skin, interact with users on a whole other level Browse our site for examples.

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The Flash Video Format (FLV) and more recently HTML5 and MP4  are video formats that takes the hassles out of preparing and presenting video for the Web. Traditionally, to present video on the Web, one would have to…
1.) prepare a single video a number of times in order to please a wide audience, and
2.) go to great lengths to explain how to play the video. With MP4 Video, your video just plays, directly from your Web page. With the format  your video reaches the widest audience possible, because everyone visiting your site can play it–without plug-ins, pop-up media players or complex explanations. 

Simple to use interface –  Control Panel is just a matter of  – Upload, Generate Code, Publish!

See how it works with this video overview

For large volume or clips and movies of 10 minutes or more, instant delivery is possible using FLV Hosting and Flash Player is the world’s most pervasive software platform, used in over 98% of Internet-enabled PC’s worldwide as well as a wide range of other hand held devices. Flash Player and FLV file format are becoming the standard platform to serve video using FLV Audio/Video file format.