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flash streaming server player
Launch Streaming Server Player Demo 1

FLV Player 2 Flash Server Scenes Player

Launch Streaming Server Player Demo 2

Full Screen Option and 16 Screen Scene Jump Option

Controls for Flash Streaming Server Player 2


This Flash Streaming Server powered FLV Player is suggested for use
when wanting to protect the video file being served. Progressive FLV videos
are cached on the users computer in thier temporary internet files, this
Streaming Server FLV Player connects directly with a Streaming Server,
preventing caching and file copying.

Your statement will reflect 2checkout.com or 2co.com

NOTICE: We track your IP address and prosecute fraud or any attempts thereof. Try at your peril – you will get caught


What’s the difference between a component to serve video compared to using
the Flash authoring tool to modify an existing video FLV player ?

FLV Player is designed for streaming with Flash Media Server (FMS) video files only.

Our Streaming Server FLV Player with the FLA source code allows you to easily change any
of the features or design of the player by editing the code in Flash MX or Flash MX Pro or Flash 8 .

Step by step installation (EXAMPLE)

(Without account at FLV Hosting )

Your player is ready to go when you receive it, it can be uploaded to
your server, you can modify the FlashVars in the html file to point to
your FLV video file and it will work:

To change your movie link dynamically from HTML you can use variables

Your object tag will show: