Flash Live Streaming

FLV Hosting has a Turn Key System to live stream from Laptop, or Desktop using your browser and camera connected to your computer. Or you can use Wirescast(R) or Vidblaster(R) for streaming to the RTMP Live Stream setting we provide with your Standard, Small Business, Corporate, Enterprise, or Dedicated Server accounts.

Live Streaming used to be costly, need expensive hardware, software, and server configurations to name a few.
Nowadays Live Streaming is simple and easy with FLV Flash Media Server.

With FLV NETWORK all you have to do is log in, choose the player for your viewers, grab the embed code and start your live stream !

That depends on the number of users, the length of time of the live stream, and the bitrate (resolution quality) of the transmission.
The higher the bitrate, the more bandwidth is needed to push the stream, and thus, is also used on the users end to view.
A balance must be struck between the bitrate of the stream and the viewers internet connection speed. If you broadcast at 700kbps and they are on a 200mbps DSL – then there WILL be stutter for that viewer.
Below is a bandwidth calculator as a guide for how much you might use on your stream

(See also Bandwidth Calculator). Once you have viewed the demo, choose the level of server pricing you need based on the calculations of streaming levels.

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