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This player is designed to only work on domains you allow. If the embed code is posted on another domain, the player will not activate. Therefore, your videos can be protected from theft and bandwidth misuse. Download files here

How to use this player. — Download all files and unzip to a folder. Use Notepad or EditPlus to open the PHP file called make_list.php Then enter the domain(s) you want to permit to play the video. Once complete, then edit the FLV video names to suit the videos you wish to play on your website.

Then, upload the folder to your website/server  including the videos you want to play. Then using your browser, navigate to the folder where the videos and files are located. The videos should play, but the embed code and player will not work on other websites. It will display the default message.

Enjoy! — for help with this player go to

Display messages;

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