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If you have video content on your website, you will need to ensure that there is strong closed captioning provided to be in compliance with this  new law.

The 21st Century Communication and Video Accessibility Act requires that producers and content creators of online video must provide closed captioning.
Note; MUST provide. This is not an option  —  Some companies seek to charge you a bunch for adding subtitles closed caption in players. You can do it yourself with our FREE Player  (personal use) Commercial License is ($99)


This has significant implications for e-commerce video, as these legal requirements will apply to all content producers, not just traditional television networks. While there is discussion of only requiring television producers to comply, the wording in the bill could be interpreted to mean any video content that is playable on a television device. With advances in television sets, accessing web content may be standard by the time the final FCC regulations are in place.

Download the Closed Caption Subtitle Add Text to FLV MP4 Video Player and open the README file for How to use instructions