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The 21st Century Communication and Video Accessibility Act requires that producers and content creators of online video must provide closed captioning.

Note; MUST provide. This is not an option if this regulation goes through. Some companies seek to charge you a bunch for adding subtitles closed caption in players. You can do it yourself with our FREE Player (Personal use)

This has significant implications for e-commerce video, as these legal requirements will apply to all content producers, not just traditional television networks. While there is discussion of only requiring television producers to comply, the wording in the bill could be interpreted to mean any video content that is playable on a television device. With advances in television sets, accessing web content may be standard by the time the final FCC regulations are in place.

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President Obama signed this bill into law on October 8th 2010, and the full implications are just starting to be understood within the video commerce industry. The new law requires that the FCC create a series of guidelines that regulate and require web video to be closed captioned, just as broadcast and cable is now.

This means that all content creators will be responsible for providing easy-to-access closed captioning tools on all of their video content.

The final regulations defining these requirements will be established by the FCC, after a series of committee meetings over the next several months.

December 2010: The FCC is required to have assembled the Video Programming and Emergency Access Advisory Committee.
June 2011: The Advisory Committee is required to submit a report to Congress that outlines a schedule for requiring closed captioning; technical specs that content providers must adhere to, and any recommendations around additional regulations needed.
The committee will have broad authority to require certain technical protocols, and require usability standards for accessing the closed caption controls. Beyond closed captioning, the bill also has similar requirements for "video description" information. Video description is audio information that describes what's happening visually on the screen, and designed for use by the blind to access video content.

The impact for all content producers should be obvious. If you have video content on your website, you will need to ensure that there is strong closed captioning provided to be in compliance with this law. While this is burdensome, the prospects for doing business with the deaf and hard of hearing community are attractive. The community is close knit, and therefore, customer loyalty is very high.

An important exemption is issued for consumer generated media. This goes a long way to ensure that huge video platforms, like YouTube, won't be liable for ensuring compliance. But, if an e-commerce company uses online video for commercial purposes, they may not be exempt; that will be defined as the advisory committee meets.

Of course, you have two choices for ensuring compliance. If you run your video content through a home-grown delivery solution, you will need to build out a closed captioning technology. The benefits are increased customization, but the cost is clear – both financial and in terms of legal exposure.

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Program Name……..: CCPlayer by FLV


• Play / Pause / Stop / Rewind Forward, Backward
• Progress bar with buffering
• Elapsed Time /Total time
• Video Name display
• Audio On/Off
• Volume Slider / Mute
• Video Size
• Full Screen
• XML playlist
• Closed caption
• Caption xml each for video
• Language selection for caption
• Resizable
Playlist.xml: Here You can able to add/remove video files and also mention your  video path in src node and video name in desc node.
FOr example:

captionXML.xml: Here you can able to add/remove subtitles and it’s timing for  each video. Each video have separate xml file.
CCButton: It toggles the caption on and off.
FOr example:

Video_2 Text for language1
Video_2 Text for language2

Language selection: Here You can select the subtitle language using language  combo box and also add/remove languages in captionXml.
For example:

Video Name: When you roll over on forward and backward button,Now you can see  the appropriate video name for the video.
Video Size: Video default size is 440*330(width*height). You can change the size  of the video by set the height and width in flash embedded code.
Play Button: When clicking this button,it's plays the video
Pause Button: When clicking this button,it's pause the video.
Stop Button: When clicking this button,it's stop the video.
FullScreen Button: When clicking this button,it's shows the video in full  screen.
Forward Button: When clicking this button,it will play the next video.
Backward Button: When clicking this button,it will play previous video.
Audio On/Off Button: It toggles the audio on and off.

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