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Completing a support ticket, contacts our whole team at once, and we can document the progress and respond faster.

NOTE: Types of support offered

FREE support (existing clients) ; Our system is limited to making sure the servers have uptime, and your files can play as long as the coding you make is correct. We do not troubleshoot your code, open your files, provide tutorials (unless as a courtesy) or support programs supplied by other vendors.

If FLV Hosting has supplied you with players, actionscript, or a delivery system, we are happy to troubleshoot that coding. If we did not write the code, or we did not construct the player(s) then we can’t help you unless you employ us to inspect your coding.

Support can and will check your hosting to ensure files FLV files will play given correct coding.


We are at your disposal to help you integrate your FLV streaming into your website and help you use all the wonderful options Flash gives you with Flash. We can troubleshoot your code, players, applications and more with our paid support program. We will provide you with an estimate of time required to complete the help



Video News Feed

Below is a sample of a video newsfeed. Supplied by ClipSyndicate, it is a great example of how you can use FLV Hosting Players to display your content

Flash Streaming Server FLV Players



flash streaming server player
Launch Streaming Server Player Demo 1

FLV Player 2 Flash Server Scenes Player

Launch Streaming Server Player Demo 2

Full Screen Option and 16 Screen Scene Jump Option

Controls for Flash Streaming Server Player 2


This Flash Streaming Server powered FLV Player is suggested for use
when wanting to protect the video file being served. Progressive FLV videos
are cached on the users computer in thier temporary internet files, this
Streaming Server FLV Player connects directly with a Streaming Server,
preventing caching and file copying.

Your statement will reflect 2checkout.com or 2co.com

NOTICE: We track your IP address and prosecute fraud or any attempts thereof. Try at your peril – you will get caught


What’s the difference between a component to serve video compared to using
the Flash authoring tool to modify an existing video FLV player ?

FLV Player is designed for streaming with Flash Media Server (FMS) video files only.

Our Streaming Server FLV Player with the FLA source code allows you to easily change any
of the features or design of the player by editing the code in Flash MX or Flash MX Pro or Flash 8 .

Step by step installation (EXAMPLE)

(Without account at FLV Hosting )

Your player is ready to go when you receive it, it can be uploaded to
your server, you can modify the FlashVars in the html file to point to
your FLV video file and it will work:

To change your movie link dynamically from HTML you can use variables

Your object tag will show:

FLV Hosting Encoder Free Download

To get your free copy of the FLV Hosting FLV Encoder, go to http://flvhosting.com/encoder

Encoder V3 Page


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Flash FLV Encoder by FLV Hosting

Flash FLV Encoder Screeshot1

Progressive FLV Player Generator

Make your own FLV Player :

  1. prog_multi_2010.exe

Choose from the list above for the download. Right click :Save Target as”

With this software you will be adding multitrack streaming videos in FLV
format on your websites that are streamed in progressive mode without any
streaming media servers. This software will compile the flv files and generate
the player, and the code needed to insert in your website.

Main Screen

Step 1 –

Choose your player that best suits your webpage. Following are the video window
sizes available:

240 X 180

320 X 240

400 X 300

480 X 270 (Wide Screen Format)

Play First Video Automatically: If you click this option and
turn it on, the player will start

playing your video as soon as your webpage finishes loading.

Auto Progress to Next Video: If you click this option and turn
it on, the player will play

the next track on the playlist automatically without any user interaction.

Shuffle Videos: If you click this option and turn it on, the
player will play

the tracks in random order from the playlist.

Step 2 –

You can change the color of the player to match your web page or website. You
can choose

just any color from the color palette.

Player Color

Player Cover Picture: You can opt to put a cover graphic (Intro
Image) on your player in its idle state.

The graphic should match the dimensions of the player video. That is if you are
using a 320 X 240 video

player make sure the graphics is also of the same size. Our free FLV encoder
automatically generates

compatible JPEGs from your video file to put as a cover graphics.

Step 3 –

Locate FLV Files: Locate the video (FLV) files that you want to
stream on your website.

When you generate the code you have to show the software the location of the
files on your local PC.

These files should be later uploaded to your webserver. Read carefully the final
step of this instruction file.

You can re-arrange the playlist by clicking the “Re-arrange Files”

Rearrange Files

A new screen will open where you can move tracks up and down and make

the sequence of the playlist as per your choice.

Step 4 –

SWF Player Path: This is the location where all your video related
files will reside on your webserver.

A typical path looks like http://www.yourdomain.com/video/

In most cases you will like to put the video related files in the same location
as your other HTML

files. Note that by video related files we do not mean the video (FLV) files

Server FLV Path: This path is where your video (FLV) files
reside, where you will UPLOAD to via FTP after generating from the software.
This can be same as your

SWF Player Path. If you want to place the FLV files in a different location type
the absolute

URL of the path here. A typical path looks like http://www.yourdomain.com/video/

Right Syntax: http://www.yourdomain.com/video/

Wrong Syntax: http://www.yourdomain.com/video (No trailing slash)

Wrong Syntax: www.yourdomain.com/video/ (No http://)

Wrong Syntax: http://yourdomain.com/video/ (No www)

For multiple players on the same page, you have to use separate folders on your

server for each set of video. So if you want to put 4 players on the same page
and each player

playing different set of video files, use 4 different folders on your server
like “videos1”, “videos2” and so on.

Final Step –

Generated Code

Select a folder on your PC where you want the output files to be generated and

We suggest to use the same folder that contains your other files related to your

Once you have generated the code, the above screen pops up. On the upper part
there is

the HTML code that you have to copy and paste in your HTML editor whatever you

On the lower part there are the list of the files and their

location. As mentioned earlier you have to upload these files to the webservers
following the instruction.

The SWF, XML and JPG files should be uploaded to the path mentioned by you