Instant stream large videos or Live Stream Hosting

Instant stream large videos or Live Stream Hosting

FLV Hosting has provided many video delivery systems for Fortune 500 companies.

Choose your FLV options. Are you fed up with youtube buffer and would like to use our instant playback video system ? Or Live Stream ? Perhaps you would like to encode video or compress it smaller? Would you like to upload videos and customize a player for your website? Create a ROKU Channel?

Maybe you need large capacity hosting for many videos? We can help you with all these options. Click the icons below for information on each of these options.

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Order Paid Support

We have several choices of Paid Support.

FLV Hosting offers PAID support for the following;

Application development.

For example, a Flash Streaming Pay Per view movie theater.

or Flash FLV Streaming Players built for clients.

For example, troubleshooting code, non playback, errors

Action Scripting.

For example, commanding the movie to play one or more files, screen size changes, control buttons, layering, and more

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FLV Hosting Support





Other General
FLV Help here

Completing a support ticket, contacts our whole team at once, and we can document the progress and respond faster.

NOTE: Types of support offered

FREE support (existing clients) ; Our system is limited to making sure the servers have uptime, and your files can play as long as the coding you make is correct. We do not troubleshoot your code, open your files, provide tutorials (unless as a courtesy) or support programs supplied by other vendors.

If FLV Hosting has supplied you with players, actionscript, or a delivery system, we are happy to troubleshoot that coding. If we did not write the code, or we did not construct the player(s) then we can’t help you unless you employ us to inspect your coding.

Support can and will check your hosting to ensure files FLV files will play given correct coding.


We are at your disposal to help you integrate your FLV streaming into your website and help you use all the wonderful options Flash gives you with Flash. We can troubleshoot your code, players, applications and more with our paid support program. We will provide you with an estimate of time required to complete the help