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Above is an example of H.264 video which was compressed from a large MP4 into a 20 meg video using the FLV Hosting H.264 Encoder

This Player works on Wowza Media Streaming Server or Flash Media Server RTMP streaming. In other words it needs RTMP protocol. This version can also be iframed or embedded into any web page. Be sure to follow install steps slowly and CAREFULLY.

H.264 Hi Def Streaming Server RTMP Player Quick install

(NOTE: You MUST have Flash Media Server or Wowza Media Server or RTMP hosting set up )

To install, just follow these steps:

- Create a folder on your website (example;

- Upload all files to the folder created.

- Point your browser to the folder you created.

- Edit the index.html for any design you want to wrap around the player

- In INDEX.HTML -- REPLACE the settings below for the RTMP location to match your streaming server folder or
FLASH MEDIA OR WOWZA MEDIA server settings, AND for the mp4 video name as shown below

so1.addVariable("movieName", "mp4:Stormchasers_720.mp4");

***** Using RTMP Streaming requires either Flash Media Server or Wowza Media Server. You can obtain a hosting account for streaming servers at  or other Flash Streaming Server provider

You can use iframe like the example below

<!-- start iframe code -->
<-IFRAME src='' width=730 height=364 frameborder="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" name="flvplayer">If you see this message update your Flash Player <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a> then return to see the videos.</IFRAME>
<!-- end iframe code -->

Addenda / Disclaimers

The idea of this application is to allow you to playback a H.264 Hi Def video on a website,
in a wide screen or full screen format

Please note that we do not support the distribution of copyrighted video content, so you should not use this applet to distribute or display video content that is not yours, and we take no responsibility for abuse of this applet. we provide software, but we do not police the use of the software!


You may use and change this application in your own software projects without restriction, but you should not re-distribute the app in a manner similar to how it is
distributed on FLV You must not re-sell or re-distribute the source code in any form.
In other words, use it for your projects, but do not compete with us!

If you do not have a streaming server account, you can obtain one at

We do not offer free support for this product, however we are avaiable for hire to help with modifications.
Any mods you wish to hire us to make, are subject to current workload and the nature of the changes
How we handle such projects is explained here

If you need support for this product, you can post at

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